The English Pullout projekt

Pullout -The Experience​​​​​

Dear reader,

have you ever considered enhancing your current level of English? This text is written by a student who wanted to take the chance and become a part of this school´s English Pullout project.

Maybe you are a native English speaker or you have a special interest in just takingpart in a fun experience on the wonderful language: English. Either way the English Pullout group would like to warmly welcome you to its community!

A year ago this school came up with the amazing idea of starting a project with alittle group of students who have special knowledge when it comes to speaking, writing, just learning and improving at English. So all the English teachers suggested this opportunity to their most interested students and offered them the chance to leave their English classes a few times a week to work with other Pulloutmembers. It didn’t matter which grade you were in as long as you enjoyed English.

In our Pullout group the first chance of working together was by choosing a projectwhich all students would enjoy doing. Our pullout manager, Dr. Karen Blaschka, had so many ideas for what we could do. Like taking part in a special English quiz called “THE BIG CHALLENGE, presented by different schools located in Englandwhich you could visit or taking part in the federal competition for foreign languages.

Coming up with an interesting and exciting project wasn’t easy at first, but with the help and inspiration of the responsible teachers (Dr. Karen Blaschka and Verena Lakotta), our group decided pretty quickly, that we wanted to do an audio play, which we would record and submit to the competition. Not long after that the whole group was standing on stage and joyfully received one of the main prices that was there to be achieved. However, we didn’t only get the award. Each of us had a wonderful time working together. Speaking English was so much fun!

I think the Pullout project is a great chance to get involved in creative projects, likean exciting group quiz, or just sharing and communicating with other students in English and not only bond with classmates, but leaving your boundaries and connect with other students, who have the same interests as you have and not in particular the same age.

Now, after this summary of what the Pullout experience is, let me ask you: Would you like to joinWelcome to the Pulloutteam!

​​​​​​​​​​Nynke Karau, 9L