The Oscars on Hermannswerder

The very special Hermannswerder Award night!
A wonderful Experience 

We, the 8L, started a new project: in our English class we talked about movies and scene analysis. Everybody brought his or her favorite DVD and small groups of 4-5 students were formed. We shot small scenes in our groups and edited them. Then we had the first Hermannswerder Award Ceremony. That’s like the Oscars in the U.S.

There we watched all the different scenes and it was really great: my classmates were dressed like the real actors and actresses; they knew their lines and performed very professionally. The ones behind the camera did amazing jobs and edited on a high level. The audience (teachers, headmaster, parents and siblings) were impressed and everyone enjoyed the perfect atmosphere and the actors who wore evening dresses.

The best movie, the best leading and supporting role (male and female), the best costumes and the best editing won prizes. All the winners came on stage and held a thank-you speech. Then we went home and some with his or her award. Alltogether it was a very special Hermannswerder Award night!

Text: Katharina Stellpflug